While posted in Poland a Shell shocked British Army Captain and his unit embark on a mysterious secret covert mission just days after Hitler is declared dead.


Devil’s Gold is a horror mini-series currently being developed for Amazon Prime, by Yorkshire based film company Altruism Pictures. With a list of award-winning films already in their catalogue, the independent film company is now looking to blow people’s minds (and upset their stomachs) with their latest project.
“We’ve been very fortunate throughout the entire project” explains Altruism Picture’s founder, Simon Rawson “The cast and crew are friends or individuals passionate about telling our story, and we’ve found favour with loads of people when it’s come to using locations, props and costume.”
Each episode lasts around 5 minutes, releasing weekly from October 7th, but Simon believes this to be part of the beauty of the project.
“With each episode, we want to tease the viewer enough to get drawn in, before keeping them dangling on one heck of a cliffhanger.”
The first teaser does little to give away the plot, but Simon wants to keep it this way.
“There’s still a few big scenes to film, that we’ll hopefully be shooting in the coming months. But if you think the teaser is impressive, wait until you see the whole thing!”


Devil’s Gold is a genre defining adventure horror Starring Jonathan Curd as British army captain John Marston who will ultimately choose the side of light or dark as he faces temptation and redemption.  While posted in Poland John and his unit embark on a mysterious secret covert mission just days after Hitler is declared dead.


Jonathan Curd as John Martson Photo by ILTO Photography

All the while a mysterious storyteller weaves a tale of hidden gold in an underground compound situated beneath an undiscovered Death camp in Poland. Featuring an ensemble cast, fast action, unsettling horrors and good old fashioned creepy storytelling that is guaranteed to leave you craving for more.

Behind the scenes Harry Brown as Erich & Richard Cooling as Hilmar

   A psychological and foreboding Adventurous horror shrouded in mystery and manipulation. A maladjusted British Army officer JOHN MARSTON (Jonathan Curd) avoids a labotamized sense of elitism in pursuit of an autonomous ideology of evolutionary unconscious transcendence.

 Simon Jennings as Smitty Photo by ILTO Photography

A small town in Poland is ripped apart by British shelling and low level spitfire attacks following the announcement of Hitler death leaving the German positioned soldiers and the towns occupants on the run through Poland seeking safe passage to Hanover. While positioned in Poland John leads his unit on a rouge mission to hunt down any remaining SS officers while experiencing shell shock and absent behaviour.

Dean Michael Gregory as Joe Photo by ILTO Photography

 JOHN cultivates a libidinal manipulation with a neurotic Female Demon via the mysterious Gimp Pimp as Violence and fornication rests on a crescendo in this deceptively constructive Mini series that delivers it’s Story as forcefully as it’s Action and Horror.

Behind the scenes Director The Son of Raw with Harry Brown as Erich

A mysterious Storyteller and the Gimp Pimp lead you on a path of options and down the rabbit hole as we discover…

 What’s Behind The Door?

Devil’s Gold Season 1 is released on October the 7th on Blu-Ray and weekly on Amazon Prime.

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