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They say all big things have a small beginning and that couldn’t be more true about Altruism Pictures

The year is 2010 and Simon Rawson AKA The Son of Raw had an idea the Painter & Decorator from a Small Yorkshire town wanted to make a feature film, this was something he had always dreamed of doing.  So he started to save his money for this purpose and this purpose alone as they say

“A year from now you’ll wish you started today”

The wanna-be Writer and Director would have to learn the process of Film Producing, Business Management and discover the vast array of Depth of Field as well as researching the entire Roman history to ensure the core of the project was historically accurate.

Altruism Pictures on Location for “The Roman” The Sony EX3 with Letus 35mm DOF

 2012 and The Son of Raw was about to embark on his Directing Debut With “The Roman” a passion project for the young director based on his own Original material and 2 years of research. Filming on The Roman would begin with a 5 page script (Almost dialogue free) with the freedom given to it’s cast in order to ignite the organic unity of the film.

The Production of “The Roman” would last 5 years in it’s entirety, shooting over the course of a year to accommodate all the seasons explored in the film. However the filming side of the production was completed by late 2013.

Altruism Pictures on Location for “The Roman”

With Principal photography on “The Roman” all wrapped up, the following week an email was received from the Raindance film festival website with a call out for their new national Tour of 2014.

The call was for a 48 hour film challenge, with no details issued until 7pm the day before Production was allowed to begin leaving very little time for preporation. “Man Can” was completed in 23 hours and dispite losing at the regionals it quicky became the talk of the festival organisers behind the scenes, resulting in “Man Can” been given a second chance. The film went on to win the competition and was crowned the “Best in Category”.

Altruism Pictures on Location with “Man Can”

From Left to Right: Oliver Lawson, Simon Rawson, Jamie Quanne, Lee Barnes, Dan Wilson.

Meanwhile “The Roman” moves to the  Post-Production stages of completion. The long process of editing a film that Officially had no script but only a 5 page short story from which to work from, from which to be inspired by and to be the heart of the project.  With hundreds of hours of footage and a full side plot on the cutting room floor the end result is a 90 minute feature film. The film would take over a year to edit and 2 more years of re-edits before it could be seen by the public.

Altruism Pictures on Location 2012

From Left to Right: Dyzigi, Lee Barnes, Simon Earp, Nassar Hussain, Lee Starkey, Simon Rawson, Andrew Townson, Lamin Tamba.

Because “The Roman” is an almost silent film with only one spoken word as dialogue throughout the soundtrack and musical score has to be on par with the production if not greater.

The 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound was mixed by Oliver Lawson in Manchester UK taking 6 months to complete. Aemaeth would be the artist the director would favour for his passion project, leading to further collaborations on “To Catch A Butterfly” and “Man Can”

The Musical Score for the film is a masterpiece in itself and is available to purchase from our store Via Gizeh Records.


Katy Pogue


Paul Whalen

 The Roman Amazon Prime poster with Festival Laurels

“The Roman” had it’s Premiere in Yorkshire UK where it was filmed in 2014.  It would be a further 2 years before it would be released on Amazon Prime. The Son of Raw shelved the film while the short films built up momentum on the festival circuit.

The Son of Raw’s  The Roman Premiere

December 2014 “To Catch A Butterfly” Begins principal photography 3 months after the Raindance Film Festival. With A handful of Executive Producers onboard to help fund the project “To Catch A Butterfly” would wrap after only 5 days of filming. Long days and even longer nights, relaxing was not an option.

“The mind can be pushed to extraordinary lengths & distances when subject to dull starvation”

The Son of Raw

The cast & crew would spend 5 days emulating the environment shared by the Characters. The camper (RV) would act as Studio/Make-up/Cafeteria/Hotel. Each location would be a greater distance away from civilization than the previous due to the characters greater isolation throughout the developing stages of the story, after all the film was shot in chronological order.

Altruism Pictures  on location “To Catch A butterfly”

From Left to Right: Oliver Lawson, Craig Town, ?, James Boothman, Dan Wilson, Simon Rawson, Chris Wild, Angelica Gorini, Owen Pegg, Jamie Quanne, Lee Barnes

“To Catch A Butterfly” had it’s premiere at the prestigious London Raindance Film Festival in 2015 screening to a full house. The film would then go on to tour Worldwide with festival screenings in Los Angeles, India, Iran, Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Canada.

Altruism Pictures London Raindance Premiere “To Catch A butterfly”

From Left to Right: Nick Payne, Simon Rawson, Dan Wilson, Chris Wild


Michael Horricks


Harriette Sym

 “To Catch A Butterfly” Final Poster Art with Laurels

To Catch A Butterfly is available to watch NOW on Amazon Prime.

Explore the film and peep behind the scenes with this featurette “Catching Butterflies”

“The Roman Directors Cut” AKA “The Black & white edition”

Will be Released on May 2017 one year after “The Roman” was released.

2017 and a new venture, with the success of Man Can it was inevitable that Dan Wilson would join this irreverent Hilarious comedy set In the untended northern township of Belland where four lawless handicapped friends battle with the local authorities over a new workplace policy. The policy enforces unwanted equal employment opportunities and social interactions for the disabled.

Coming Soon to